Are you mental health aware?

Mental Health Awareness is a big issue these days, and rightly so. I suspect it’s fair to say most people I know have experienced or know somebody who has experienced a mental health issue.

It’s good to see this topic out in the open and even people talking about it on social media using the hashtag #MentalHealthAwareness. Also, sometimes we can’t expect somebody with a mental health issue to share it with us. It’s up to us to check on our friends and family.

As it happens, a very good friend is working with former Senior Tipperary hurler Seamus Hennessy, who is attempting to raise €200,000 for Pieta House and Living Links, a programme based in Limerick designed to help those who have experienced death of a loved one by suicide.

Seamus is going to run the Antarctic Ice Marathon on the 13 of December 2018. As if running a marathon wasn’t challenging enough, he will  experience an average windchill temperature of -20C, and the possibility of strong winds to contend with. Furthermore, the event takes place at an altitude of 700 metres!

Why is he doing this? Sadly, Seamus lost his mother Josie to suicide when he was 11 and he wants to prevent other families from having to go through the same pain that he experienced via a project he has launched called Running for Josie.

Why am I posting about this?

  1. Well, to raise awareness of mental health and the Running for Josie project, consider taking part in a fun run. Throughout November, Gaelic Voices For Change, a voluntary group of past and present inter-county GAA players that shine a light on important social issues will be holding a number of fun runs around Ireland to raise awareness Seamus’s fundraising efforts but also to hold space for connectivity in communities to support are bereaved by suicide.  If you’d like to take part in any of these fun runs, follow the Running for Jose Facebook Page for details:

    Anyone wishing to participate is encouraged to let people in their network know by posting #RunningForJosie and tag @runningforjosie. Seamus has set up accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – they’re all called @RunningForJosie.

  2. Help Seamus reach his fundraising goal of €200,000 for Pieta House and Living LinksHe has a GoFundMe page here. To date, he has raised an impressive €87,000. For clarity, the cost of getting to and paying for participation in the Antarctic Ice Marathon has been borne completely by Seamus.
  3. Sponsor equipment for the Antarctic Ice Marathon
    Seamus is working with companies who can connect with his message and are willing to sponsor equipment and place their logos on it and other promotional materials and content. If you would like to purchase, sponsor or even lend equipment to Josie, please get in touch via any of the following:

    • Facebook:
    • Twitter:
    • Instagram:

If Seamus’s message resonates with you, feel free to like his Facebook page, participate in a fun run or sponsor him!

I’ll be #RunningForJosie in London on Saturday morning 🙂

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