Gaelforce Training Update

#Gaelforce training update: Last week I was was away on holiers. Luckily Michelle Conaghan didn’t mind me getting in some training while we were away so I did three Spinning sessions, 3 * 10km runs, a session of circuit training and some gym work. In July I ran or cycled about 250km on top of some other bits and pieces of gym training etc. On Monday coming I’m looking forward to testing myself in the RockNRoll Half Marathon (21.09km) in Dublin. It’ll be the first time I’ve ever ran that distance so will be a good test. GaelForce is still two weeks away so still some training to do – getting a bit worried about it now. Anyway, I’ve been doing this for BUMBLEance, a children’s transport ambulance service. Why is Bumbleance a good idea? Well, it makes transporting very sick children a much less frightening experience for them. Bumbleance is part of a charity called the Saoirse Foundation. If you don’t know it, if you get a chance I’d recommend looking it up. The story of the organisation and the people behind it is both terribly sad but also inspiring. Anyway, if you’d like to sponsor me I’ve created a fundraising page on here:

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