Shameless plug: Data Driven Marketing Roadshow, Thursday 27th March, the Helix, 0900 – 1745

DCU MarketingLab where I work is hosting a Roadshow on behalf of the Data Driven Marketing Alliance. This will take place in the Helix in DCU on 27th March.

In data-driven marketing, an innovative, forward-thinking spirit is crucial to leverage big data, social media, web and mobile experiences. The DDM Alliance wants to stimulate this innovative, forward-thinking necessity by providing marketing professionals, agencies and marketing technology providers platforms to gather, interact and form partnerships locally and throughout European marketing communities.

This full-day event is all about what you can do to embrace data-driven marketing and keep in control of today’s complex digital marketing environment. The program is built around a number of fundamental catalysts (born in the US) that accelerate the rapid development of data-driven marketing.

More than 15 business experts from the US and Europe provide you with insights how technology has dramatically changed the way people communicate, do business and generally lead their lives. It’s increasingly online, and it’s increasingly mobile. In turn, those technologies have created tons of data-driven marketing opportunities.

Big data, the explosion of channels, the advent of social media and customers’ changing habits and expectations provide all kinds of opportunities. At the core, data-driven marketing centers on one thing only: propelling value by engaging customers effectively.

If you are interested in this, you can reserve a place here. Use the promotional code Techspectations to get free entry.

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