Change Nation

Change Nation is an Ashoka initiative all about making real change happen

In 2012, Ashoka Ireland invited fifty of the world’s leading innovators and entrepreneurs to help solve Ireland’s greatest challenges in educationhealth,environmenteconomic developmentcivic participation, and inclusion.

In 2012, I volunteered as a Change Executive with Ashoka Ireland. This work has involved conducting preliminary market research and identifying key people and organisations for two of the worlds most successful social entepreneurs to meet when they attended Change Nation in March. The organisations I worked with are MyBnk and Apps for Good.

  • MyBnk is the first independent peer led and online youth banking scheme approved by Englands banking regulatory body, the FSA (Financial Services Authority).  MyBnk delivers finance and enterprise education directly to 11 – 25 year olds in schools and youth organisations, arming them with the skills, knowledge and confidence to deal with money effectively and make enterprising decisions throughout their lives. MyBnk uses financial services as a practical learning tool encouraging young people to develop their understanding of finance and economics by teaching them money management skills and providing small loans which they can use to help themselves and the wider community. You can learn more about MyBnk by visiting
  • The Centre for Digital Inclusion (CDI) was founded in Rio de Janeiro by Rodrigo Baggio founds in 1995. Rodrigo wanted to empower young people to use technology to change the world. While technology lies at the core of Centre for Digital Inclusion, it is merely used as a medium to empower people with the skills, knowledge and confidence to change to improve their own lives and communities. In doing this, it helps to provide people in low income communities with essential skills to participate in 21st century society. The Apps for Good programme helps low income youth learn to imagine, design and develop mobile and Facebook apps so that they can become the next generation of app creators, designers and developers. Students learn basic programming skills, an understanding of the software design process as well as gain hands on understanding of the technology market. This is the first CDI project to adapt its socio educational pedagogy for a developed economy. You can keep up to date with Apps for Good by visiting their website at:

This short film will give you some information about Change Nation:

Change Nation – Finale Film from Ashoka Ireland on Vimeo.


The event itself generated a lot of press coverage:

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