Dublin 5th Province (D5P) initiative

I’d like to introduce the Dublin 5th Province (D5P) initiative. It is a new citizenship engagement initiative for people in Dublin. D5P is led by Dublin City University on behalf of the Creative Dublin Alliance and is based in the university’s Office of Civic and Global Engagement.

D5P is asking people in Dublin how their City should develop its economic, social and environmental sustainability agenda over the next fifteen years. Working through forums, blog entries and surveys, new topics with a connection to sustainability will be posted on the web site every month. People are invited to voice their opinions and engage with policy experts and fellow Dublin residents. The aim is to promote informed discussion and deliberation about Dublin as a whole, while drawing out from each round of consultation, coherent priorities that can be explored, tested and mainstreamed by local government in Dublin. We are particularly keen to ensure that students in the Dublin region contribute to the initiative and share their views on how a more sustainable economy can be developed in the city region.

Over the coming months D5P will be asking Dubliners about Healthy Living, Working Lives and Cycling (from 01/05/12). Each topic will run for a two month consultation and future topics for deliberation will be chosen by participants through the web site. The web site can be found at any of the following web domains:

Follow Dublin 5th Province initiative on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/Dublin5thProv

Like Dublin 5th Province Initiative on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dublin-5th-Province-D5P/197061233724638

Connect with us on LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Dublin-5th-Province-D5P-4272655?home=&gid=4272655

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