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So I saw a forum on LinkedIn today which asked people for their favourite motivational quote. The thing is there are just so many. What might be my favourite quote today might be different to tomorrow. I guess it just depends on the situation we are in and the words we might like to hear to spur us on.

Sometimes if I read something that I think is particularly wise or inspiring I record it in a journal I have. After seeing the LinkedIn post I decided to look back over the quotes I had collected to see what I could contribute. I came across this one by Lance Armstrong, 7 times Tour de France winner and Cancer survivor:

“The experience of suffering is the experience of exploring, of finding something unexpected and revelatory. When you find the outermost thresholds of pain, or fear, or uncertainty, what you experience afterwards is an expansive feeling, a widening of your capabilities. – Lance Armstrong (Every Second Counts)

It may not refer to the gravity of the challenge that faced Lance , but considering we’re coming out the other end of an unbelievably tough academic year where the class and I personally have been pushed well beyond our comfort and at times skill zones, this quote strikes a chord with me. Having spent so long operating at the outermost boundary of my skill and ability, now that I have come out the other end I feel more confident and stronger than when the whole process started. This is a great quote that I’m sure means a lot of things to a lot of people that have read this book.

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1 thought on “Motivational Quote

  1. Even with all of the revelations that have been made about Lance Armstrong and his confession which I’ll be viewing the evening I have decided not to take this post down. I was a huge Lance fan and I cycled with him in Phoenix Park when he was in Dublin a few years ago. He let me down as well as all of his other fans but this is still a good quote. In fact,maybe the reflecting that he has been doing over the last few months is just the kind of suffering and exploring that he’s talking about.

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